Photography is a passion of mine that encompasses my daily thoughts. During train rides to and from work, while walking around the city, while driving during a move from Des Moines, Iowa to Boston, Massachusetts, I often look at a scene and think to myself, “Now how would you frame this, Andrew?”

My mother was the catalyst. She handed me my very first camera at the age of four. Even though it was a disposable Kodak film camera, I was instantly hooked. (I probably loved the loud noise from the winder and bright light that emitted from it once you took a picture.) My other friends and family were what fueled me – their encouraging words and comments were what kept me going.

Since then, most of what I’ve learned about photography has been self-taught through trial and error. A few friends have showed me tips and tricks along my journey, but working with Jeremy has given me a vast wealth of knowledge that I’ve put to use since coming on board with Captured in Moments. The most important item I’ve learned about photography is this: with the simple click of a button, you could capture moments in time forever.

The idea that you could capture these moments – moments of joy, of laughter, of emotion, of love – is the reason I became a photographer, and I would love to capture yours.