Alex + Autumn | A Charming New England Wedding at Harrington Farm

High school sweethearts, Autumn Poulos and Alex Sendzik, together for eight and a half years, chose Harrington Farm in Princeton, MA for their wedding celebration on April 12, 2014. The exciting day began as Autumn along with her maids of honor, Heather and Auralee, and bridesmaids, Alda and Kim, prepared for the wedding in the bridal suite. At the same time, Alex and his best men and brothers Eli and Larry as well as groomsmen Johnny, Craig, Pete, and Steve took over the groom’s suite. Alex’s grandparents, Euginio and Juliana, who were married for sixty two years offered their grandson great advice, reminding him that no matter what happens, his wife will always be right and that ‘yes dear’ is the way to go.

Many details of the wedding made the overall feel of the day very special. The family assembled the lovely flower bouquets by hand, which complemented the various shades of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Autumn’s dress had detailed and intricate beading in the bodice, with an A-line flow at the bottom. Another important detail of the day was that Alex’s inscribed wedding band belonged to his great-grandfather from 1897.

The weather for the day was picture-perfect with warm temperatures and a beautiful sunset, creating the perfect backdrop for photographs. After the sun had set and hours were spent on the dance floor, a beautiful halo formed around the moon, becoming overcast yet allowing stars to peek through.

The two best men and maid of honor made heartfelt toasts, as well as Alex’s father, Steve. He noted that every father imagines their son to become the best version of a man he can be and to be kind, caring, tender, loving and considerate, all of which he felt Alex embodied. Towards the end of evening, bridesmaid Auralee spoke about her desire to have a brother when she was younger, and is now elated to consider Alex a part of her family.

Autumn and Alex had a fantastic day and could not wait for their honeymoon road trip through Colorado and New Mexico!