FAQ -or- Great Questions to Ask Your Photographer

What is the style you identify best with?

We most prefer the candid/photo journalistic approach to photography as we feel that life is best captured when it is the most truthful and realistic. However, we have been known to apply tweaks and adjustments when we see a good photo opportunity and have the ability to make it great. Posed images make up less than 10% of our wedding photography, if you were wondering.

Can I get the RAW files so I can edit them myself?

Part of our approach to photography is our editing process, where we apply our technical and artistic skills to further polish an image. As a result, we greatly prefer to perform any necessary adjustments locally as any work that leaves our studio carries our name and reputation along with it. We always welcome and appreciate client requests and will gladly edit images to your liking and guide you throughout the proofing process.

How many photographers will be there?

Unless otherwise requested, all of our wedding packages include two photographers. We believe that to achieve the proper vision, it is best to have a second perspective. Non-wedding sessions are usually a single photographer but a second photographer is available if desired.

What gear do you use?

We mainly use Canon equipment. Our cameras a full frame Canon 5D Mark II's and we have a wide variety of lenses, flashes and accessories that help make our work more streamlined - which means a smoother day for you! We each have multiple cameras with us at all times so there is always a backup option should something cease to function.

Do you carry Insurance?

We often find ourselves in awe that this question isn't usually asked by many of our clients during the first consult. While we offer this information voluntarily, we always hope it is one of the first questions. Please understand the possible situations that could arise and how insurance would assist. We carry full liability coverage on both our gear and ourselves. This means that the churches, outdoor areas and reception facilities that we work in are completely protected should something that we do (or one of our pieces of gear does) affect the location in some way. Also, our gear is covered for full value so if it breaks it gets replaced immediately.

Is this a hobby or a profession?

Like most photographers, we began our voyage as hobbyists. We quickly realized that we loved the craft too much to waste our time following our previous career paths and begrudgingly holding a 9-5 job, anxious for the next wedding or portrait session. We left our corporate employment behind and haven't regretted it, dedicating our lives to the art and business of photography. We truly love what we do and would absolutely enjoy sharing that passion with you!

Do you provide referrals or independent reviews?

Absolutely. We have numerous reviews on both Yelp.com and WeddingWire.com, written by our clients. Some are heartfelt, others technical... but all are written by real people with real stories. We encourage you to take a look.

Do you have an extended portfolio?

The trouble with online photography galleries is that each of them are hand-selected, curated representations of ideal weddings, portraits and lifestyles. As such, if you would like to take a look at an entire wedding gallery, please ask us and we would be happy to show you what a finished wedding looks like from the moment of preparation to the last dance. We're proud of what we do and love to show potential clients!

What are the hidden costs & fees?

Simple. There are none. What you see for package pricing is what you can expect to pay. We don't believe in surcharges, travel fees or hidden costs. Of course, this applies to the New England area of coverage. We can always discuss destination weddings or out-of-area travel during our consultation together.

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Contrary to popular belief, there are real expenses associated with photography and running a trustworthy business. Insurance, association dues, travel expenses, continuing education, equipment maintenance and replacement... all very costly to absorb. Also contrary to what you may have seen, the costs for wedding photography are quite proportionate to other genres of photography, you just need to factor in that any given wedding consumes between 30-50 hours of time to meet with clients, provide the engagement session, edit those images, follow up before the day of, meet at the venue for a walk through, photograph the wedding, pay the second photographer, edit the images, provide a proofing gallery and handle further edits... the list of responsibilities are vast. Furthermore, our pricing is at the bottom end of most professional photographers as we choose to want to work with people who are planning and paying for their own wedding.