Jen + Luke | A Wedding at Gibbet Hill, Groton, MA

Today, we reflect upon Saturday, August 10, 2013 - the beautiful wedding of Jen + Luke. Held at the Barn at Gibbet Hill, in Groton, Massachusetts on a glorious summer afternoon, Jen + Luke proclaimed their love for each other while surrounded by close friends and family. It was the ultimate dream wedding - sun shining, beautiful New England summer weather and the barn and cows reminding Andrew (my second Photographer) of his home state of Iowa.

The day began like most weddings, with Jen getting ready at the nearby Regency Hotel in Westford. In the short time we were present, photographing the details of the preparation, Jen had many friends stop in and visit – each of them greeted with the persistent, cheerful, genuine smile Jen wore throughout the day. Meanwhile, Luke’s hotel room was absolutely packed with close friends sharing stories and reminiscing of times past. In both rooms, you could just feel the joy and radiance of what was about to unfold.

The Barn at Gibbett Hill invited all with manicured grounds, beautifully rolling landscape and a pristine ceremony location just down the steps from the barn. Before the ceremony took place, Jen + Luke chose to catch a glimpse of each other in a totally fabulous First Look. Luke approached Jen, whose back was turned toward him. The excitement built to such a level, she could barely contain herself. “Dude, you look awesome” escaped Luke as Jen turned to face him, her Cathedral Veil floating on the gentle summer breeze. This simple honesty and personality is precisely what drew the couple to each other from day one, and it pulled us into their day so much more than we expected.

The ceremony was impeccable and intimate. Jen slowly and effortlessly glided down the aisle with both her parents giving her away. With her sister Suzanne as her Matron of Honor and Luke’s brother Jeb as the Best Man, they chose to surround themselves with the closest of friends and family – a gesture that would continue throughout the evening. The ceremony was led by Jo Maden, a LifeCycle Celebrant whose passion for life was present in every word she delivered that day. As a symbol of unity, each guest was invited to participate in the Blessing Stones ceremony.

After exchanging vows and rings under the birch arbor, the ceremony flowed into cocktails – complete with the Mark Mandeville Band and special details that rounded off the New England wedding experience: iced tea, lemonade, half-shell clams and corn chowder. Décor was centered on family, with ancestral photographs displayed for all to remember and enjoy. The elegant, rustic interior of the barn provided a polished appearance, bringing together all these details. Jen + Luke had *the* most unique cake we've seen all year: a whiskey-barrel inspired garden cake with chocolate crumbs as dirt and roses to complete it (check it out below)! The speeches were full of emotion and personal sentiments that brought tears to many and even included a play-by-play of how Jen + Luke came to be who they are today! Hearing their love story totally made our nights! The evening ended with the DJ playing Stairway to Heaven, the dance floor closing at a late hour of 1:00am - and the guests were STILL on their feet making the best of the time available!

This is not a wedding we will soon forget and, based on the amount of people who used our brand-new Photo Booth, we're pretty sure their guests would agree! Congratulations Jen + Luke!!