Kirstin + Mack | Picturesque Wedding at the Marriott Hotel, Newport, RI

September 28, 2014, a gorgeous and unseasonably warm day in New England, marked the wedding of Kirsten Riikonen and Earl McMann. The entire wedding party prepared for the day at the Marriott Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island. The bride and her bridesmaids had the luxury of the spacious penthouse suite with a beautiful overview of the ocean and many sailboats. Bridesmaids wore fuchsia floor-length dresses, while the bride wore an elegant gown complete with lace and a beaded bodice.

The ceremony took place in the beautiful lobby of the hotel, which was completely open to the top floor. The bride and her father made a grand entrance by descending down the glass elevator as the wedding guests watched in awe. The occasion was romantic, elegant, and grandiose, matching the aura of the lobby’s impressive setting. Following the ceremony, formal photographs were taken at the Forty Steps at Narragansett Ave and mansions, overlooking the cliffs and ocean. This location was picture-perfect and created beautiful and natural backdrops for the photographs.

The wedding party then returned to the Marriott for the reception, where guests had already begun to use the photo booth. Kirsten and Mac’s wedding was a magnificent occasion that was filled with love, joy, and family.

Enjoy the photos!