We all have stories to share. How we got to where we are today, what defined us in the past, or perhaps shaped us into who we are. Most stories are rarely simple, but I believe that is what makes us interesting and capable of love.

Here's my Story.

The meaning of photography began at a young age for me, as my father's camera was stolen off the roof of his car, parked at a shopping mall, when I was only a baby. He couldn't afford to buy another one, so the first picture of me was taken by a relative while at a family reunion in Old Orchard Beach - I was 4. To find comfort, I joked how I was adopted (though, you can clearly see the genes). I got a pink 110mm camera for my birthday when I was 10 or 11 - I don't remember exactly - and proceeded to take pictures of things for fun, usually without any film in the camera since I'd go through it so quickly and it got expensive. In high school, my parents gave me a 35mm camera for Christmas and I immediately fell in love with the quality of photographs I was able to get in return. Every chance I got, it was in my hands being used. It even had a remote so I could take group photos and include myself in it. I had a paper route at that point, so I was able to purchase and develop my own film.

That's when I finally appreciated the value of photography. I still have most of the 35mm prints I captured with that film camera, and it helps me remember the positive and inspiring moments I've been able to experience so far. And isn't that what life is about? I find great joy in helping people record those positive and inspiring moments. I hope I get a chance to show you someday.